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Are your overhead lights still a food safety risk?

Are your overhead lights...
Industrial LED Lighting

Foreign matter can come from many different places within your food business. Control this issue everyone’s aim, but you have to know where potential sources of contamination still exist.

What’s the overhead light risk rating?

Overhead lights have traditionally been made of several different components including glass, plastic and metal. All of which are considered “foreign matter” if they end up in your product! Light globes can shatter, hard plastic covers can crack and grow bacteria, and metal parts can even fall off. Even changing failed or under-performing light globes can present these risks (apart from usually involving a shut down or temporary interruption to the line). So let’s take…

A new look at old overhead lights

Take a walk around your controlled environment facility and see if any of the lighting is

  • a potential source of contamination. Any build-up of insects, dirt or grime in the light fittings and covers, or the corners where contact the ceiling? This is probably a HACCP audit you’ve done before,
  • Hard to get at for the maintenance team?

Because today, hard to get at means “very expensive to maintain”. It may involve mobile scaffolding or work platforms, height safety issues, scheduled shut downs, isolation of the area, and a pretty thorough cleanup afterwards. We longer have time.

Are they really in the right place?

Ever wished this spot was brighter, that shadow would go away? Now there are NSF approved lights that bring easy solutions to all that too.

And finally, are they energy efficient?

Lighting is important in a production area for quality, safety, speed and reducing strain. LED lighting has transformed the options available in meeting all these criteria in one of the most challenging industries there is. Energy is having more and more impact on the bottom line.

Why not get an assessment on making your lighting energy efficient, maintenance free, and ideal for processing quality, safety, and speed?

What would that do to your bottom line?

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