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How to choose a lighting...
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How to Choose a Lighting Contractor!

What you should look for in a lighting advisor is a challenging question.

When you begin to research lighting and lighting consultants, electrical contractors, architects maybe, or even other energy experts, you can use these check points to see if they’re the lighting design partner that you want working with you on your new 

lighting project.

Assessing a lighting upgrade or installation, whether it’s for one facility, multiple facilities, or just a small section of the plant, can always benefit from having access to LED lighting solutions experts who are:

a) widely experienced in modern solid-state lighting options and capabilities,
b) the impact lighting has on the productivity of the space, and
c) how this is being applied in your industry.

To get the full potential, in the 3-30-300 sense, out of a lighting project for your facility, there is much more to consider, even in ROI terms, than the energy consumption costings.

Here’s a check list of what to look for next time you need advice on lighting or lighting maintenance options:

• Broad experience.
Your ideal lighting advisor should have a solid track record of helping clients achieve successful implementations of LED lighting solutions Remember there can be wide variations in the lighting levels required in different spaces.

Apart from the lux levels, compliance issues for hygienic LED lighting and HACCP approvals can influence selections in significant ways. Installations must be tightly planned to avoid costly unforeseen disruptions to your processes.

• Approved Vendor status with corporations in your industry.
There are great advantages in working with someone who has an intimate understanding of the way things work across the various segments of an industry. The food and beverage industry, for example, although widely diversified, has many recurring themes.

• Understands more than energy savings and reduced light fitting costs!
Your ROI is also impacted by inputs from areas like maintenance, cleaning and warranty length. Then there’s sensors, and the opportunity for light as a platform for further data mapping. How installation interruptions (apart from the install costs,) will be allocated must be taken into consideration.

• Knows about much more than lighting!
Lighting plays a huge role in fields like productivity, quality inspections, staff engagement, safety, security and facility presentation. The overall cost of ownership should be demonstrated to include more than energy consumption fixture costs and depreciation, so you can fully understand your project’s impact to the bottom line.

• Offers free design and audit reports.
Lighting upgrades can have far-reaching implications, from the look, the light colour to the installation process and the return on investment.

A good lighting advisor can help evaluate the lighting solution’s contribution to the business’s long term plans and the corporate responsibilities re energy compliance.

To request a free tailored, situation analysis and options proposals, contact our technical department on 1300 466 088 or visit www.leitech.com.au today.

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