Leitech is an LED lighting company with a focus on saving businesses money and improving workplace user experience through retrofitting LED lighting. Company with a focus on saving businesses money and improving workplace user experience through retrofitting LED lighting.

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About Us

Better light transforms everything

Leitech is founded on the understanding that issues like reliability, maintenance reduction, productivity increases, guaranteed supplier performance and so on are all affected by your decisions about lighting, and they will all impact on company profitability. Our collective experience in processing environments and our close links with the LED industry guides the way we develop lighting solutions for clients.

Leitech have developed innovations such as debris containment systems for overhead servicing, ‘zero-maintenance’ lighting, service performance guarantees, and other solutions that aim at increasing light usability, reducing overall operating costs and maximising your savings over total cost of ownership.

Better Light goes beyond well engineered light sources.

Leitech focusses on the Food & Beverage industries, and our Approved Supplier status to many national and global corporations confirms the emphasis our solutions have given to maximising their operational effectiveness to reduce cost burdens. This can include energy consumption, production interruptions and inefficient lighting placements.

Why Leitech Started...

  • Leitech was founded by 3 business owners who were concerned that in LED Lighting, food and beverage enterprises were being sold LED lights on price, without being given any context for:
  • Reliability, and total cost of ownership,
  • Additional ways to maximise reduction in energy  and other major costs,
  • Whether shutdowns are required to do the install,
  • Light placement and quality, and its impact on productivity, QC monitoring and so on,

Providing a solution that addresses all these things is no harder to do, but you’ll get better light at lower long term costs. Switching from “incandescent” technology to LED technology is only the tip of the iceberg!

Leitech’s Mission

Leitech Australia’s mission is to develop lasting partnerships with Australia’s leading manufacturing and processing organisations and with our suppliers, through understanding their needs, demonstrating integrity and honesty in the way we do business, delivering on solutions they’ll profit by, and having a passion for exceeding their expectations.

Why you can have confidence in these solutions

Leitech base all product selections on reliability and the impact on total cost of ownership.  Our very competitive position is upheld through continuous upgrades, because LED technology is evolving so rapidly. We can also provide performance guarantees on all major installs so you’re not disadvantaged with extended shutdowns.

Broad Design Experience

Leitech focus on the development and implementation of lighting strategies and design solutions for your specific application.
With years of experience and a proactive approach to tailoring perfect outcomes for clients across a wide variety of industries, Leitech believe in matching the lowest total cost of ownership with the best lighting user experience.

Your Free Consultation

Your commercial needs and objectives are important to us, and we love making our expertise available to all our clients regardless of scale. Whether your inquiry relates to a feasibility study or a need for a quotation, our unique perspective will give you insight into what is possible when your lighting requirements are approached from a different perspective.

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Better Light - going beyond good light sources.

LED as a light source continues to evolve at an extraordinary rate. The early LED’s used much less energy, so they saved you money; and that’s great.

But it hasn’t stopped there.

To get effective results and ongoing benefits, the two important parts of ‘better lighting’ are control design and the installation layout. If you have a variety of workspaces in a building, you’ll need a variety of light fixture types to get optimal benefits at the lowest energy consumption.

It’s best to talk to someone with the expertise to pull all that together for you in one simple, tailored solution. You can miss out on a lot of value by focusing only on initial cost, when too often the lower cost simply delivers lower benefits, shorter chip life, and a higher Total Cost of Ownership.

The productivity impact of lighting is often not given sufficient consideration. It’s not without reason that lux levels are recommended for many processing areas in modern production facilities. Getting all this right will often save a company money at the same time as improving performance.

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