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Cool Rooms

If your cold storage facility is still using traditional lighting such as metal halides and fluorescent lighting now is the best time to switch to LEDs! Conventional lighting does not perform well in cold conditions. The energy consumption is high as is the heat production. LED light sources, on the other hand, consume less energy, need no lamp replacement, produce less head and illuminate immediately. They also lose less light compared to many conventional light sources.

See Leitech’s range of lighting solutions for cool room/chiller applications for different ceiling heights & lux-level requirements:



EPSILON series

  • For rooms with higher ceilings or in processing rooms where high lux-levels are required
  • Sustains temperatures of -30oC
  • Available in 150W &200W


  • Designed for aisle way lighting
  • 40x130o beam angle
  • Sustain temperatures of -30oC
  • Available in 90W & 120W

OMEGA series

  • Used where existing cool rooms or processing rooms have the HID-style Wadco/Stellar etc housings.
  • Modular fitting designed to fit very easily into the existing diffuser to achieve the IP rating as required (or we can supply a new diffuser)
  • These range from 90W (replaces the 250W low bay) through 150W/180W to 270W (all fit the 400W housing)

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