Helios Max

The new Australian made HELIOS MAX Led Floodlight Series is now available in 960W, 1280W
and 1600W. These lights are suitable for any large area lighting, or
high mast applications, such as, wharfs, logistics hardstands, mine sites, stadiums
and sporting venues, airports, railway yards, transport depots, construction sites,
power stations,etc.

Stellar Illumin8 Series

The Stellar LED floodlight series showcase our range of simple yet functional luminaires for area and space lighting solutions. FOr area lighting the sleek design of the Stellars perform well in reducing any debris collection, retaining good thermal efficiency,

Helios ‘R’ series

The Helios Max Series are a super high performance floodlight. There are six different wattage options, ranging from 400-2000w.


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