Leitech is an LED lighting company with a focus on saving businesses money and improving workplace user experience through retrofitting LED lighting. Company with a focus on saving businesses money and improving workplace user experience through retrofitting LED lighting.

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Beta Series

The Beta Series LED High bay Lights!

The BETA LED High bay  LED lights are ideal for simple high or low bay lighting installations where no further sensor controls are required.

Ideal for all Industrial Lighting LED self-installation, they have a 3pin 10amp plug and a 1500mm long lead already fitted, so you can simply plug in and save. Available in 3 models, 100 watt, 150 watt and 200 watt,

The Beta is a good looking light with a 5 year warranty and will especially appeal to the low cost focus of refurbishments by landlords, builders and real estate improvements, as well as representing excellent value for small to medium business owners who have a more immediate goal in energy consumption savings, warehouse upgrades, safety or security improvements etc..

You can be assured that the energy savings the Beta will give you over traditional lighting will pay off your lights for you, before the warranty period expires.

High quality lighting can

  • prevent workplace accidents by increasing visibility, reducing strain and fatigue, and highlighting other safety hazards,
  • Improve quality performance through increased detail enhancement
  • Increase productivity through better personnel engagement and well-being.

The Beta is not designed for ‘smart’ integrations for further IoT purposes. The Delta Series will always lend itself to higher energy saving in lighting management designs with additional sensors, lens patterns, mounting options and so on.

The Beta offers great improvements over traditional high bays, with energy savings of up to 85% over many traditional styles of high bay lighting. Better lighting will deliver improvements in productivity, reliability and work accuracy, and has been proved to help in improved workplace morale.

With Philips LED chips, a world – renowned built in Meanwell driver, and an excellent aluminium casting design for better cooling and lighter weight, the BETA series high bays have a projected life of up to 50,000 hours, and carry a comprehensive 5-year warranty from the Australian importer for your peace-of-mind.

Selecting the right LED high bay.

Selecting the right high bay LED lighting for your premises can be challenging. In industrial lighting applications, we suggest the following guidelines:
When replacing fittings “like for like”,

    • 100w LED equals new 300w Metal Halide;
    • 150w LED equals new 400w Metal Halide;
    • 200w LED equals new 500w Metal Halide; this is rare, and the 200w LED is commonly used to replace 400w Metal halide where the lux levels were obviously inadequate and there are difficulties associated with adding in extra fittings, so go up to 200w instead of 150w.

For new installations, for example, where ceiling or hung heights are 4 metres or under, in storage areas not requiring detail work, 100-watt BETA LED lighting is ideally installed in a grid pattern approximately 6 metres x 6 metres.

Take care not to position light fittings above racking; in these situations, most of the light is wasted because it won’t reach the aisles or working area, and this is expensive waste.

For further information on the Lighting Guidelines for different workspace areas you can download a copy here.
Multiple Beta’s could also be connected on a motion sensor controlled lighting circuit, to ensure they will all turn off when the space is unoccupied and come on instantly when staff re enter.


  • Most warehousing lighting can be reached with a Forklift cage.
  • High bays are not hardwired and are simply unplugged.
  • The existing chain or hook can be use to support the new light.