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Di Giorgio Tank Farm

Winery ‘tank farm’ was littered with various floodlights and fluoro battens to illuminate the catwalks and the ground for maintenance work.

 As with any technology of yesteryear, the old lights had deteriorated over time giving feeble light but still burning through electricity consumption. 

Additionally, any replacement light project would need to be supplied and installed.


Metal halide and fluoro lights were replaced with LED Omicron floodlights and Lineaire lowbays, which immediately would reduce electricity consumption, boost light levels in all areas, and drastically cut back on any maintenance (e.g. changing globes/tubes) as the LED chip life is in excess of 50,000hrs.

The install was handled by the Leitech team, with the necessary combination of electrical trade and mechanical ‘nous’ so that the old infrastructure could be adapted to the new fittings safely and neatly.


Power consumption from lights is reduced to 47% of original demand (12.9kW to 6kW).

Illumination levels on the catwalks and aisleways between the tanks were boosted back to Australian standards.


The Omega Series are ideally suited for a wide range of panel high bay lights and canopy installations – from cool rooms to fuel station driveway. It represents a great leap forward in replacement of the HPS and HID light products typically found in existing canopy high bay lighting applications. It’s very easy to retro-fit LED High Bay lights into cool room panel or canopy positions. The OMEGA Series are designed to maximise illumination and reduce glare.


The Omicron5  series consist of a range of high performance, compact, and long-lasting LED floodlights. These floodlights produce less heat and require less power to achieve high lighting levels, reducing running costs, and increasing savings on electricity bills.


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