Leitech is an LED lighting company with a focus on saving businesses money and improving workplace user experience through retrofitting LED lighting. Company with a focus on saving businesses money and improving workplace user experience through retrofitting LED lighting.

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Why Leitech?

Free-Lighting Consultation & Planning

You don’t need to work in the dark…

Knowing where to start with new lighting is often frustrating for a seemingly simple task. We offer our service simply because we know its difficult to picture what you want and how everything will work. “Do we just go with the standard 150watt or do we need something more? Could we do with an extra couple of extra lights down this aisle?” The last thing you want if for all the lights to be re-adjusted after the install is complete.

It’s worth having a consultation with an expert to make sure you’re making the right decisions… especially when its free.

Making the complex simple

There are so many choices out there that it can be difficult to match the right products to your needs and your budget. Qualified electricians often talk about your lighting and energy in terms of watts, circuits, polarities and amperage, which makes it difficult to communicate your needs when you’re not speaking the same language. Having a 3D rendering removes the need for technical knowledge and takes the worry out of getting it ‘up to spec’. We’ll listen to exactly what you want in your production room, or office area or in the carpark out the back. We can offer experience and knowledge and the latest technologies and provide you with a plan that’s practical, functional, energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, adaptable for future technologies and uniquely yours. Tell us what you’d like and we’ll create a 3D rendering of the possibilities.

Where do you start?

Flick us an email of what you want with any sort of mud map – we’re pretty good a deciphering things. Obviously, the more measurements it has, the more accurate the lighting diagram will be. Let us know if there’s any specs you’re trying to conform to and we’ll run the calcs through our lighting program.

That’s all.

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Energy testing & certification

Leitech Australia is a government approved provider for LED lighting and can provide White Paper credits (WPC) for cash rebates. Government grants can often be very confusing and it is often puzzling how you might appear to get something for nothing. This is how it works:

WHAT ARE-Energy Efficiency Certificate Schemes (WPCs)?

  • NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESC) 4Mill
  • Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEEC) 6Mill
  • South Australian Retail Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) 2.3Mill
  • Federal Scheme Emissions Reduction Fund (ACCU) $2.5Bill

One tonne CO2-e avoided or abated = one WPC
12 Mill WPC Per Annum Value over 5 Years = $1Bill

Full-service offering: simple, low-hassle and low-risk Fee Structure

  • Performance-based, $ per Certificate created
  • No costs up-front or ongoing fees
  • Single payment , made promptly, net of fees and charges.

Quality certification

Quality is simple. It’s all we need to do is make you happy, eliminate errors, provide a framework that we can follow and repeat to continuously add value to our products or services. Quality certification helps us to help you.

Improving processes & adding value

  • Improved efficiency and reduction in costs
  • Right first time attitude
  • Better customer experience and management
  • Enthused and engaged staff management with documented processes
  • Effective risk management strategy
  • Utilisation of best practice management and strategy.
  • Independent audit demonstrates commitment to quality
  • Demonstrating compliance to external stakeholders – including our customers , competitors, government and external bodies.
  • Broadened scope for contract sand tenders(especially government)

3-7 years warranty on all fixtures

Part of our quality certification is that we have quality products and so we back all products up with a minimum 3 year warranty. Supplying direct with the end-user and being involved with the installation offers us some distinct points of advantage when it comes to quality.

This includes the ability to: –

  • Control and manage any defects quickly and trace them back to the source
  • Choose suppliers that are 3rd party audited or conform to Lighting Council Australia Standards
  • Do our own supplier quality audits & factory visits
  • Test samples to Australian conditions
  • Pass any information back to our manufacturers that we have gleaned from installations and field testing.

Operational lease & Asset management

With an operational lease agreements and asset management agreements, we can also bring another high level of assurance to lighting installations . With this model, we can guarantee installation schedules, and specifically with the acquisition options, return on investment.

Matching the outcome expectations of the various stakeholders in the business plan, and making the strategic outcomes fit the optimum operational requirements whilst securing approvals and funding is the facility managers typical challenge. Leitech can assist in this process with the offer of LAAMS:

LAAMS – Leitech Australia Asset Management Scheme*

There are 3 different investment options under this scheme:

  1. Outright purchase – you can choose to purchase with or without a maintenance agreement
  2. ‘Operational Asset Lease’ model. This allows the user to enjoy the following benefits:
  • No up-front costs
  • Immediate energy savings

100% tax benefit – ‘Light Financing’ model enables investment payments to be made in Instalments to

suit Company needs! This model also allows the benefits of:

  • No up-front costs (if the installation is included in the supply package)
  • Immediate energy savings. “The amount of light you want, where you want it and when”
  • Both ‘Operational Asset Lease’ and ‘Light Financing’ are available to approved partners only.

Free samples & 4 week trial period

Sometime even a lighting diagram, a quote and an ROI calculator may not even be enough. It may all seem too theoretical without actually getting your hands on one. That’s why we offer free samples or a 4 week trial period.

We know the quality of our lights, so we’re excited we can send one for you to check out.

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Better light provides for better visibility, improved accuracy and increased work speed, enhancing productivity; the positioning of light sources and workstation layouts can often give these improvements with significant operating cost reductions.


It is a well-known fact that improvements in workplace ambiance have a very positive effect on employee morale & productivity… so when this can be achieved at zero additional overhead cost, it really represents a fantastic ROI!


Whether your application is in a food processing plant or in a National Park, appropriate visibility is essential to ensuring the safety of, & minimizing the risk to, people & infrastructure.


The ideal solutions for any given space involve intelligent use of flexible lighting design. Lighting can now be tailored better than ever to deliver what you need to achieve in the various spaces under consideration. Better lighting solutions can transform more than you'd think!